Eckhart Kolak, LLC

What We Do

Our Fees

At Eckhart Kolak, we believe that fees should be transparent. We do not want our clients to be surprised by our service costs. We have made our fee structure clear and straightforward. Here is what you can expect:

We follow the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct of Lawyers, established by the Supreme Court of Illinois, in setting our fees. The key factors affecting the price of each engagement are:

  • The time and labor required.
  • The novelty and difficulty of the issues.
  • The skill, experience, and ability required to perform the work properly.
  • The amount involved and results obtained.
  • The time limitations imposed by the client or the circumstances.

We discuss legal fees at the first meeting with each client. We provide written estimates on all larger assignments and one-time engagements. We develop budget figures for recurring business work. Our engagement letters set forth the scope of our services, responsibilities we accept, cost estimate or the basis for our fees, and terms for payment.

We make sure our fees are consistent with those charged in the Chicago area for similar legal services. For most assignments, our fees will be based on hourly rates. If the time and effort required are readily predictable, we quote a flat fee.

Our estimated fees are based on a defined scope of work and time commitment. We make every effort to keep you apprised of any changes that may impact your total cost before they are incurred.

We bill monthly so that there are no surprises at the end of a long engagement. Our invoices contain a detailed description of the services performed, documents prepared, and results obtained.